Hero HallEdit

Hero Hall

The Hero Hall is where you will be able to level your hero's, add attribute points to your hero's attack, defense, agility, and intellect.  Here you can apply attribute books, conquer new hero's, and check the rankings of all of your hero's.  Equipment that you buy from the Arena Shop, Workshop, Smithy, and Stable, will be able to be equipped in the Hero Hall.

Hero - This tab lists all of the current hero's that you have obtained in the game.  You will see your hero's name, level, Health bar, experience bar, and Morale bar.  You can click the green pencil here to change the name of your main hero, but not on your epic hero's.  You will also see the equipment area on the right of the screen, as well as your Stamina, Stength, Agility, and intellect.  Listed with icons are your Attack, Armor, Speed, Crit Chance, and any unused attribute points.

  • Stamina - Effects the Armor and Hit Points of your hero.
  • Strength - Effects the Damage of your hero.
  • Intellect - Effects building cooldown and resource production, as well as certain skill cards.
  • Agility - Effects the Speed, Armor, and Crit Chance Hit of your hero.

Epic Hero - This is where you can check if you have any new hero's to conquer, as well as using jewelry in order to increase their friendship for glazing and moulding.  You can glaze your hero's at level 50, and mould them at level 80.  Glazing and moulding will increase your abilities on your hero's.  You will also need to have 100 Friendship with your hero in order to glaze, and 200 Friendship in order to mould.  You may however, glaze and mould your main hero without the Friendship, but you still require to be the aproppriate levels.

Avalon Training - Here you will be able to train your hero's either 4 or 8 hours, depending on the amount of gold you have or wish to spend.  You cannot level your hero's past the level of the Senate.